Our Stage 3 base printer kits include all components and hardware required to completely assemble the mechanical structure of your newest large format 3d printer.

Our staged kit approach provides our customers the option to start off with a lower initial cost, then to choose the quality, brand, and style for the remaining components based on their budget and preferences without completely starting from scratch.

Please allow 2 weeks for packaging and shipment.

General Information: 

  • 2020 Extrusion Construction
  • Aluminum Corner Braces
  • Black ACM panels
  • Adjustable Aluminum Print Bed
  • Large ACM Electronics Bay with Air Filter and Fan Cover
  • Aluminum / Nylon Extruder Mount
  • Aluminum Y Rail Carriage Brackets
  • Double Shear X Axis Idlers
  • Shoulder Bolt Mounted Y Axis Idler
  • Slotted X Axis Stepper Mounting

Technical Specifications: 

  • 700mm x 350mm x 375mm Print Area
  • 1050mm x 550mm x 642mm Overall Size
  • Fused 110v Input On/Off Switch
  • 8mm Linear Rods for Z Axis
  • MGN12 Linear Rails for X and Y Axis
  • T8x2 Lead Screws (Single Start, 2mm Pitch) With Independent Z Stepper Leveling

Included in Stage 3 Kit: 

  • Complete Structure (Extrusion, Brackets, Hardware, Linear Bearings, ACM Panels, etc)
  • QTY 3 - 20 Tooth Drive Pulleys
  • QTY 3 - 20 Tooth Idler Pulleys
  • 6mm GT2 Belt
  • QTY 2 - 800mm MGN12 Linear Rails
  • QTY 1 - 400mm MGN12 Linear Rail
  • QTY 2 - Micro Limit Switches w/ Brackets

Items needed to convert our base kit into a fully functional printer: Power Supply, Control Board, Extruder, Hotend, Stepper Motors, and wiring.

We include a comprehensive assembly manual with each kit. Our website does provide some pointers towards completing into a fully functioning printer, but ultimately it is expected that the purchaser of our kit is familiar with building 3d printers.

* Apex continues to improve our printers and printer kits, as such, we reserve the right to make alterations to product designs and provided components.

APX-252 Large Format - Stage3

  • Brand: Apex Additive
  • Product Code: APX252
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $699.00

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